September 20, 2009

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush

Down in the bottom corner of Nonna's back garden is the most enormous mulberry tree. Heaving with mulberries, I could only just reach the lower branches to collect perfect, ripe berries for our morning tea. Stained lips, stained fingers, Missy could not resist. The Rooster was apprehensive but was determined not too miss out. I think this sums up how my two approach life, one with gusto and with level headed caution.

September 9, 2009

In bloom

I am enjoying this springtime. There are freesias sprouting on the side of the road, their scent heady in the afternoon sun. The blossoms and magnolias, lilies and camellia's are in full bloom. So too are many of my friends and family.

I love how a woman blossoms with her pregnancy, how carrying something so precious and important gives a woman a glow of self assurance that is rarely seen at any other time of her life.
I love how a woman's face fills out and that unmistakable glow takes over her whole being. How it connects her to the women before her, who have carried and birthed and to our great earth mother. I loved the secret feeling of carrying my babes, of feeling their movements and their cycles. It gave me a spring in my step knowing that I was growing a tiny human being as I went about my daily business. Growing babies was something I could do with relative ease. My heart aches for those mama's whose pregnancies are trial, who awake to sickness almost everyday of their 9 months. It surely taints the joy when you feel poorly for most of the day. My sister in law, way over in Canada is pregnant and I feel just a teeny bit sad that I will miss this part of her life when she blossoms and blooms into a mother. I will miss seeing my brother be a first time father. I have watched him play with his godchildren, my two little super heroes. He has buckets of patience and an abundance of knowledge. Too boot, he really is just a big kid at heart. I will miss witnessing him guide his babe into the world.

More blooming marvellous things here.

PS Another ridiculously late Eyespy Sunday but this one was sitting in my draft box just waiting for me to hit publish