May 30, 2010

Sticky Toes

It's been a very long, cold, wet week. We've been sick and very sad at the passing of a dear friend. But little discoveries like these can't help but make you smile.

May 22, 2010


Camillas from my mother's garden. Missy spent the afternoon with her aunt and they made white (not vanilla!) cupcakes. Cranky cat. This pile hasn't got any smaller. A very old toy. This was unearthed today. It was mine, which would make it very, ahem, vintage. I have such distinct memories of playing with this. The coloured records are stored in the back and I remember lying on the ground playing the tunes over and over.

I have really enjoyed the challenge of posting everyday for Lisa's Colour Week. I have also discovered a bunch of new blogs stretching across the globe. The images captured this week have been stunning. It was a fascinating way to peek into a person's life.

May 21, 2010


Green is our favourite colour. Living in the bush, surrounded by it's gentle hue, we are greeted with it above and around us.

It was green day at preschool today too. Thankfully, as yellow week last week was really hard to clothe. The Rooster's favourite colour is green and because she loves everything that he does, Missy's favourite colour is green too. We have one green cup that they fight over every meal time and have a lovely sage green lounge. It is sounding like we live in a pond but I assure that the green accents in our home are earthy, calm tones and not traffic light green to scare you into existence.

Lunch boxes ready. Calm bath at night. I couldn't resist posting another pair of shoes. Feet up with a pile of marking, I finally put my pen down anxious to post and I smirked at the pen I was using.

Head over to Curious Girl to see what others have posted. Last day tomorrow of this rainbow coloured week.

May 20, 2010

Purple Haze

Purple almost escaped me. A new pair of shoes for winter, a sweet new picture and Vietnamese silk bags. I tip toed into the Rooster's room to kiss him good night and a blast of purple greeted me.

The Rooster loves this blanket. He chose it two years ago when he went into a big boy bed and only said last week when I pulled it out for the winter, "Ah Mummy. I love my purple blankie. I was wondering where it was hiding"

Loads more purple over at Curious Girl. She is hosting colour week. Am really enjoying playing along. have seen so many beautiful images and discovered a bunch of new blogs.

May 19, 2010

Yellow and orange

I had grand plans today of showcasing the delicious autumn hues blanketing our mountains. But this morning I got called into work and I taught four lessons and then sat in the bush for 2 and a half hours on a chair watching kids run a cross country. I looked and searched but not a hint of yellow was in that eucalypt, gum tree bush. Not a deciduous tree in sight.

Bursts of yellow still managed to catch my eye. A spade to trip on. An autumn wreath made for the front door at preschool. Mother's Day chrysanthemums that catch the morning light as it streams through the kitchen window. These grape vine leaves were taken late tonight as I hung out washing (vomit covered washing....yes, lots of yellow and orange there).

More yellow and much more orange here. Go check out the other colour week players on Lisa's sidebar.

May 18, 2010

Hues of Blue

The sky held no blue today. It was damp and wintry and positively grey. We have been spoilt with glorious sunny days in the first few weeks of autumn. Today the blue skies have disappeared and the washing is still damp on the line. The fire has burned and we have busied ourselves indoors. My eyes caught plenty of blue as I went about my day. My gumboots to feed the chickens, a new pendant, a beautiful card that has a new place in our home. Our throw rug from Iceland, bought on the spur of the moment but so much a part of our winter days. The sweetest pair of shoes in our house and that last shot, found on my camera taken from 2 year old height.

Tomorrow orange and yellow. Autumn in the mountains is breathtaking.

Head over to Curious Girl and see what other azure hues people have captured.

Red and Pink

I discovered Curious Girl's week of Colour very late last night after I had written a lot of school reports. I think that this is just what I need to get me through a very busy, work-laden, grey beginning week. I looked through some of the shots I took and downloaded yesterday and by chance some of them were very red and pink. A sign that this was definitely something I should play along with.

Stay tuned for a week of colour. This week seems so dull and wintry.
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May 17, 2010

Time flies

5 years ago I was filling in forms preparing for the birth of the Rooster. Tonight I spent some time dotting the i's and crossing the t's on the Roosters enrolment forms for school next year. Sheesh! Where did that time go? I needed a passport photo of our boy so asked him to stand still and try to look serious. Ridiculous what he thinks is serious. He's been sick for the past few weeks and all cold sorey and wind chaffed lippy. Have touched up the last shot smudging away the minge that has over taken his face.

I feel a little achy at my boy going off on this next adventure. He is very excited but has no idea what 5 days at school away from Mum really means. He knows he will catch the bus from Mummy's school and that he will have his best buds starting with him. He can't wait to read books so that he can sit up in bed and read under his reading lamp. He is ready already but it is still many months off. He has a birthday and Christmas and summer to wait. In the world of a nearly 5 year old that is forever. Which is OK too. Time to fill our days with play and swimming and cooking and reading before the business of school days kicks in.