May 19, 2010

Yellow and orange

I had grand plans today of showcasing the delicious autumn hues blanketing our mountains. But this morning I got called into work and I taught four lessons and then sat in the bush for 2 and a half hours on a chair watching kids run a cross country. I looked and searched but not a hint of yellow was in that eucalypt, gum tree bush. Not a deciduous tree in sight.

Bursts of yellow still managed to catch my eye. A spade to trip on. An autumn wreath made for the front door at preschool. Mother's Day chrysanthemums that catch the morning light as it streams through the kitchen window. These grape vine leaves were taken late tonight as I hung out washing (vomit covered washing....yes, lots of yellow and orange there).

More yellow and much more orange here. Go check out the other colour week players on Lisa's sidebar.


  1. Life never goes as planned...
    But you managed to find some good bits - the child's spade is fabulous as are your autumn leaves! Funny how they look so foreign right now as we are deep into spring.

  2. Oh dear, well may tomorrow be better. Lovely shots, love the mums, the bits of autumn, when everything is so so very green here!

  3. That's such a dear handmade autumn wreath! All great shots! Too bad about the hectic day and the laundry stains...might have made an interesting abstract;-)

  4. this is one thing i love about color week...even though we can get pulled off of a planned exploration, our eyes are keyed into the color of the day! gorgeous finds!