December 9, 2008


The girls of this house had a bit of insomnia last night. Missy called out at 9.15 and then proceeded to squawk and giggle and kick and kick until she was propped up, nose to the top of the side rail. There was no way she was going back to sleep. So, rather than fight it, she came downstairs. Much to her delight. You could see the YEAH! all over her face. Her Daddy kept watch until this little face peeped over my screen.

Was it a full moon, because 2 hours later, I had the same problem. I hate lying awake. I hate tossing and turning and checking the clock. I give myself one hour of this kind of carry-on before I get up, do something and then try again to get to sleep.

Last night's something was Christmas cards. I love Christmas, the tree, the decorating, the lights but I hate the packing away come January. I always feel sad taking down the cards and putting them in the recycling box. Over the years I have been putting away all those special cards that are just too beautiful to become someone's toilet paper. They deserved more.

A little second hand joy for christmas tucked into envelopes ready to be posted off tomorrow. .

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  1. Hmm, I spent most of last night rolling around awake in bed, too. I actually knitted in the dark by feel because I was warm in bed and didn't have the heart to wake Jim up with a light. Your picture of Missy is adorable! I love when parents don't subscribe to the "leave the child in bed alone and eventually they'll fall asleep" school of thought.

    I always hate to throw away special Christmas cards, too. I keep them in a tote in the basement with my special bits and bobs from growing up. Jim's aunt had a pretty neat idea, though. She cuts the fronts off of especially lovely ones and frames them and they become part of the Christmas decor.