March 8, 2010

A day with my favourite girls

Mathilda's Market, turned into Paddington Markets, turned into Oxford Street shopping, turned into very late lunch here.

There was lots of chatter, giggles, eye rolling and shoe trying (the littliest one no less!). No tantrums, no "come on Mum", no bored husbands. Just lovely browsing, some smart buying, good coffee and our little Miss who loved every moment of her day with the girls.

Missy insisted that someone try this shoe on. Every time I chose a sensible flat she would push a brighter, flashier, more inappropriate for a busy mummy-ier, shoe towards me. She was not letting up on this multi-pastel stilleto and was relieved when it was slipped onto her very own foot. If her passion for shoes stays strong she just may inherit her Aunt's divine collection.

Who can deny a little girl her cupcake? Even if it was a very adult, orange polenta sweet treat.

Doing it for the laughs.


  1. Glad you girls had a good day - isnt Oxford Street divine for shopping, well if you have got pots of money that is. I just pressed my nose up against most of the windows and looked longingly.

  2. Shopping is definitely a girl thing!! So glad that you all had a good day out. Amanda is now 13, as of last week, she is off on a shopping trip with her Aunt, so enjoy those trips whilst you can!! There will come a time when her friends will take your place!!