April 26, 2010

To pee or not to pee

A funny thing happened today that I just need to get off my chest. And get clarification on. And stand corrected if need be.

Today we were at soccer watching Tools huff and puff around the paddock. 20 minutes from the end Missy called out that she needed to pee. I looked about and realised that the public loos were on the other side of the field. Newly toilet trained, I was unsure if a) we would make it or b) that this in fact was the real deal and not just a false alarm.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt I headed behind the spectators to a grassy patch and let her squat. As I stood in front of her I heard two things; the roar of a goal from the opposition and the squawk of a woman calling out that there were toilets across the road at
McDonald's. I waved her off saying we were OK and thanks for the tip. Little did I know that it wasn't a tip but a reprimand to get myself and my little girl to the loo pronto, citing that it was indecent for her to pee in public in front of all these people.

I was a little taken aback and
embarrassed that I had made such an error of judgment. I have toilet trained before and thought nothing of a bush pee if the moment necessitates. Mind you, my first was a boy. Is it inappropriate for a girl of two to squat and pee? Did I put my daughter in an indecent position as my commentator suggested? Do I need to reign myself in and flee to the public amenities?

What is the story? Can anyone help?


  1. Personally, I think that woman was out of line. Who cares what you were up to? I mean sersiously, it's not as though you were doing anything untoward.

    My kids do a nature wee when needs be.

    I can't believe the gall of some people. This infuriates me.

    And I think it should be the same for boys and girls, you know? Like why should it be any different?

    You were right. She was wrong.

    You: 1 She: NONE! x

  2. What a silly, silly woman! My girls pee outside (even at home because they really like peeing outside) if get desperate for a public toilet and I haven't ever had anyone reprimand me! Just for a funny aside, I was in Canada for my girlfriends wedding when I was 5 months pregnant with Eva and wandering through a forest when nature called, really loudly, so upon her encouragement I squatted behind a tree for a quick pee!! I didn't feel that was inappropriate, should we walk around with wet pants instead? Strange lady!

  3. I say you were right and she was wrong. My daughter would have been REALLY upset if she had an accident, so I would have done the same thing. Next time you see that woman, just stick your tongue out at her.