March 29, 2010

Last drop of summer

I feel relieved that today was a little cooler with the rain providing relief from the heat of last week. I can't remember a March quite so hot, but the heat gave us an opportunity to squeeze every last bit out of summer and bank it for the cooler days ahead. I never thought we would be swimming outdoors in Katoomba at the end of March, but we were greeted with glorious sunshine with plenty of warmth to take the chill off the usually cooler mountain air.

How much fun is it to find a tree with a built in seat?

March 22, 2010

36 hours

Went to Canberra to catch up with some friends.
Got up early to watch these take off
Sat in queue
to see this
Mind you, this was last weekend. A weekend away and 4 days of work left me so exhausted that it has taken me a week to post this adventure. The Masterpieces from Paris exhibition was impressive despite the queues and crowds. We were lucky to wait only an hour after opening to get in. My advice if you do make the trip is go midweek or arrive an hour before opening and get in queue. We took breakfast, bought coffee and had the kids watched a DVD. The family room inside the exhibition was a treat for all of us. The kids were well catered for with engaging activities related to the paintings and we tag teamed supervised, meaning that the other could wander about freely unencumbered by tired out children.

The Rooster talks of starry nights and looks through his little catalogue pointing out his faves and this week Missy noticed that my 10 year old umbrella is sporting a masterpiece. Who knows what they will take from our adventure. Maybe that Mum and Dad are a little mad. Hopefully it will encourage them to do the crazy and give it a burl.

March 8, 2010

A day with my favourite girls

Mathilda's Market, turned into Paddington Markets, turned into Oxford Street shopping, turned into very late lunch here.

There was lots of chatter, giggles, eye rolling and shoe trying (the littliest one no less!). No tantrums, no "come on Mum", no bored husbands. Just lovely browsing, some smart buying, good coffee and our little Miss who loved every moment of her day with the girls.

Missy insisted that someone try this shoe on. Every time I chose a sensible flat she would push a brighter, flashier, more inappropriate for a busy mummy-ier, shoe towards me. She was not letting up on this multi-pastel stilleto and was relieved when it was slipped onto her very own foot. If her passion for shoes stays strong she just may inherit her Aunt's divine collection.

Who can deny a little girl her cupcake? Even if it was a very adult, orange polenta sweet treat.

Doing it for the laughs.