August 19, 2010


Finally five, my bright eyed boy. You can read and ride a bike. Build Lego from your maps and want to be a fireman when you grow up. You have a great sense of adventure and think that every new plan 'awesome'. You love soccer and scoring goals and your competitive streak has dealt with the disappointment of not being the best at something. I worry that you are not resilient enough to withstand the humps and bumps that you will encounter but I know that your heart is open and honest and generous and I hope that this will hold you in steed for what is to come. Five means that I will soon lose you to school and another world that I will not be entirely privy to. I will let you go, wobbling on life's training wheels as you enter this big new exciting world.

A day late with this post, you woke up today and asked "Am I still five?" Yes, my boy for a whole nother year. Happy Birthday Luca. May five be fabulous.

August 3, 2010

Happy happy 101

I have been tagged by the very sweet and very clever Sophie for a meme. Reading Sophie's top 10 was like reading a list of my own happy things. I guess when you are a mum its the simple things that make you smile.

Here are 10 things that make me happy.

1. Listening to my boy laugh. Luca is a serious kinda fella, smiley and shy, but when something tickles his fancy, is really funny, the giggle, the outright LAUGH that comes from him, makes my day.

2. My first (and only) coffee of the day. I have sworn off instant in attempt to drink less coffee. The effort to obtain that first hit, the ritual of ordering, sitting and sipping. Ahhhh....sweet.

3. A date with my husband. Far and few between but enough to sustain us until the next time.

4. Holidays. I teach for the lifestyle (certainly not for the money). The first few days away, leaving it all behind, is so re-energising.

5. Walking back into a clean house. More often than not, I clean our house and close the door behind me and head out. Stepping back in, all tidy with that clean floor smell....if only it lasted more than an hour.

6. Miss Ellie. She's a handful, the maker of messes, but truly, the joy of my joyfulness.

7. A good lesson. There is a certain feeling that you get when you walk out of a really good lesson. One where your explanations were good, kids were on task and they leave all smiley and happy with a thanks Miss and have a good day. Teaching Utopia.

8. New shoes (made even more sweeter when on sale. Actually saying that, I only ever buy shoes when they are on sale).

9. Happy movies. Sad movies. Intense movies. Sitting in the dark and emersing myself in someone's story leaves me with a buzz. Maybe it's the opportunity to take time out away from the kids and get some time for myself that is the happy.

10. Good friends. Long chats. Cups of tea and with yummy cake.

So many people have shared their happys already. Here's a few who haven't.

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August 1, 2010

Going on and coming off again.

How can it be that my children have never had their faces painted? The Rooster is almost five! I can promise you though, the opportunity has never come up.

I imagine the Rooster was a little anxious and Missy being the sweet little soul she is, sensed he was nervous. Look at her fussing over him making sure he was OK. How sweet is that kitty face?