August 19, 2010


Finally five, my bright eyed boy. You can read and ride a bike. Build Lego from your maps and want to be a fireman when you grow up. You have a great sense of adventure and think that every new plan 'awesome'. You love soccer and scoring goals and your competitive streak has dealt with the disappointment of not being the best at something. I worry that you are not resilient enough to withstand the humps and bumps that you will encounter but I know that your heart is open and honest and generous and I hope that this will hold you in steed for what is to come. Five means that I will soon lose you to school and another world that I will not be entirely privy to. I will let you go, wobbling on life's training wheels as you enter this big new exciting world.

A day late with this post, you woke up today and asked "Am I still five?" Yes, my boy for a whole nother year. Happy Birthday Luca. May five be fabulous.


  1. what a lovely take on your lads growing up! I wish him a good and exciting time at school, where all those new 'adventures' are awaiting for him.My daughter Amanda is now 13 and due to start her Upper School and all that awaits her changes and the chices of subjects for her path of life!!

  2. Hope your boy loves being 5! Such a great age to be I reckon!

    We started our school journey this year so those feelings of letting go are all very fresh.. and ongoing!

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Luca. He is so grown up. Sigh. Happy birthday to you beautiful mama. I love the love. x

  4. What a wonderful message! What a beautiful big boy - you must be proud!

  5. simply lovely Monique - I hope Luca had a wonderful birthday

  6. What a sweetie he is! My nephew is five too and it's such a special age. So big and grown up but still so little... Love the fire-engine cake :)

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and words recently Monique - much appreciated!

  7. happy birthday to your sweet, sweet boy!

    there's a soccer player in my house, and at 12, she is JUST learning that she can't always be the best! just TONIGHT in fact, she had a very rough practice with her new team and came home feeling very defeated.

    *heavy sigh*

    but five is wonderful!! and that is a GREAT cake too, by the way!