September 4, 2010

Do fun stuff

Not sure if you have ever dropped by Pacing the Panic Room. Ryan Marshall is an awesome guy, who spent the best part of this year putting together an album of kids songs to raise money for Smith Magenis Syndrome
, a condition that his gorgeous stepson is living with. Little is known about this condition and funds are much needed to research and create case studies for the families who live with SMS.

After a crazy amount of work the album was launched on Monday. Its a kids album for parents, a compilation of very cool songs from artists who are mostly NOT from the children's genre
. Everyone involved in the album has donated their creativity and their time and all funds raised will go directly to the SMS foundation.

Have just noted that the widget does not fit into my column but the links are still visible. Click on the links on the widget to read all about it. You can listen to it up there too.

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  1. thank you for sharing! i love his blog!!

    and thank you for your kind words on my blog as well. i'm scheming ways to stay happy right now!

    check out this awesome kindness blog if you get the chance...i love it!!!

    namaste! suzy