July 21, 2011

Let it snow

These holidays just past we tried the snow again. Two years on, two years older. Steadier legs would mean more things to try. Our little adrenalin guy took to skiing with gusto. He loved going high up on the lifts and zooming down with strong legs and a determined mind. He loved the one on one time with each of his parents, the quietness of his snowy surrounds and the challenge of returning to the bottom without falling down.

Our Missy once again hated the snow, exclaiming within the first 30 minutes that she hated this place and never, ever, ever wanted to come here again. On our first day there wasn't quite enough snow to build a snowman and there was no wind. Imagine her dismay when she got out of the car on day two to blizzard conditions, 70km/hr winds and 4 foot of snow. Suffice to say she spent her holiday in the cafeteria, took 108 photos on my camera of the comings and goings around her and cost us the equivalent of a lift pass in hot chocolate. We will return to the snow next year but may leave our girl at Nonna's for a beach holiday. The snow is hard enough with kids and all those layers without adding an unhappy child to the mix. We forget that she is not yet 3 and a half which is so very little to keep up with all our adventures.

The Rooster though, is full of stories of falling off lifts and sliding into fences. Of snow ploughs roaring along the road and tobogganing at high speed down a hill. Building snowmen in a blizzard and keeping warm with cups of hot chocolate.

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