January 6, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Luca:  A pensive moment enjoying the delights of the harbour
Ellie:  Our new kitten smothered in love by its little Mama

This year will bring many changes to our little family. Ellie is off to school and Tools and I return to full time work. My time at home with my littlies has been a gift. I have taken thousands of photos of our days together, enough to fill hundreds of albums. I know that come February we will hit the ground running and won't stop until Easter. 
52 weeks is my attempt to slow down and document these new days together.


  1. Sweet littlies! Good luck with the upcoming changes, Monique, these portraits will be a great way to come back to centre. Belinda x

  2. Gosh a huge year - my heart tightened a little for you, I hope everything goes well and life maintains balance, always such a challenge. I'll look forward to your weekly updates. x

  3. Beautiful photos Monique - looking forward to seeing your weekly photos. Can you believe our Ellie's are off to school in a few short weeks. Its so exciting but the end of them being our tiny little girls.