June 3, 2009

An empty box

There are so many uses for an empty box when you are nearly 4 and your imagination is wild.

It can be a ute.

Or a taxi.

Or a hilarous game of...


NB. Notice the second box? Its a Singer box. Yes folks, the sewing machine is out of the box. Have just finished my first little project and will unveil it as soon as i can pin my little superhero down to take a photo.


  1. Boxes are magic! We used to love using them for forts or castles. The cat is the only one around here that loves empty boxes now, though. It's so much fun to watch your little ones play.

  2. Looks like fun - children find the fun in the simplest of things dont they.

    Cant wait for the big unveil!

  3. The sewing machine is out of the box! Hooray! Can't wait to see what you made!