June 15, 2009


Was sorting things out, moving things upstairs and downstairs and pulling long forgotten boxes out of storage spaces, when I came across these treasures.

A very old snoopy all ready to be loved by a train loving little boy.

And I had forgotten all about Holly Hobby.

Her very glass half full take on life has come rushing back to me now. We had twin beds with bedspreads and matching curtains. These may still be stashed in mum's linen chest at home. Yeah! A doona cover for Missy could be on the cards.

The kids are asleep in their new rooms tonight. All cosy and snug and close to us.


  1. I bet it was a great night's sleep too :) Snoopy must be very happy to be out of the box and back into the heady lights of love again !

  2. Oh I loved Holly Hobby! I hope you can find the old bedspreads and curtains!

  3. Very nice treasures to have re-found! I'm sure holly hobby was in my past somewhere.

  4. Finding old treasures again is magical, isn't it? I think my dad had the same Snoopy when I was growing up, he looks familiar. Is the new sleeping arrangement helping the little ones make it through the night a little better?

  5. Hi Monique - I have left a little award for you at my blog :)

  6. I loved Holly Hobby too! I remember my doll was as tall as I was when I got her. She's been well loved and I still have her. My Snoopy was lost over the years.