December 1, 2009

A Christmas wish

Peace. Not world peace. Although that would be nice. Not peace and quiet. That would get boring after a while. Just peace amongst my children.

They love each other way too much. And of course they are polar opposites. Missy walks around singing an old Playschool song "I like peace, I like quiet" which is the most ironic tune to ever pass her lips. She charges through life with a bang and a crash, upsetting as many things and people that pass through her day. Don't get me wrong, she has the sweetest of natures and everyone she meets can't help but fall in love with her, but she is quite simply, an antagonist. Which does not mix well with my gentle boy.

The Rooster loves a quiet place to broom his car and push his train and look at his books. He doesn't need someone upsetting the space that he has set up so very carefully. It distresses him to no end to see his things disturbed.

The day started out so joyful, the littlies finding a treat and a note in their advent calendars, but by 10 I was exhausted from sorting out their squabbles.

So please Santa can Mummy please have some peace. I won't be greedy. One day will do. OK, I will be greedy. Maybe just once a week?

This weeks eye spy brought to you by the gal that puts it altogether, Cindy.


  1. I think I have a solution, we should just swap girls or boys, perhaps alternate because I have the exact same problem and Poppy just goes fishing for him and he bites every time

  2. Haha! My brother and I were awful (we're 9 months apart) and I mean, we would literally be strangling each other on the living room floor by the time we were 10 or so. It was certainly hard on our mother, but we are the best of friends today (and have been since we hit our teens).

  3. We were terrible too! My brother's most used words were "mum! she keeps looking at me!" I loved annoying him, by any means possible!

  4. My two are 19 months apart and run hot and cold. Some days they play together beautifully but others they fight like cats and dogs - usually over a specific toy. Of course the upset child wanted nothing to do with it until the other child had it.

    If you get any quiet - please send a little my way.