November 30, 2009

And then on number 25 it will snow at my house

The Rooster has been counting down the days since the 2nd of November. We even made a countdown calendar just to get us to today, when I said we would put up the tree, and tomorrow, the start of advent.
I didn't even remember the Christmas train we had under the tree last year. But I am not a 4 year old boy who spent the day lying under the tree's lights watching it go round and round.

The kids needed something to do while mummy battled with the branches. And what train doesn't need a tunnel to run through?

The advent calendars are ready for tomorrow, stuffed with a treat and a little Christmas activity, a different one each day to keep the littlies busy until the 25th. Tomorrow we are off to the library for some christmas borrowing. I am not sure how many more times I can read Aussie Jingle Bells without wanting to throw myself in front of a Rusty Holden Ute.

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  1. I can't believe it's the 1st of December! How crazy! Ever since I have been with Andrew he insists on a real tree, which I find quite sad, and messy and hard to dispose of! I suppose we'll be getting ours sorted soon too.