January 17, 2010

Night-time Picnics

The littlies are getting into night picnics this summer. Before Christmas we went to Carols by Candlelight in Sydney's Domain. Based on the success of that event, we took them back to the domain for an evening of African music.

Play dough, cars and tea sets kept the heeby-jeebies at bay, while papers and people watching were enough for the adults as we waited out the hours until showtime. The drizzle of rain did little to dampen their enthusiasm for a night under the city skyline. They danced and played and ran through the picnicers. Oh, and there was a free photo booth that had them intrigued. It took alot of effort to lift those two babes high enough to get us all in and then they sat squat to wait for their little photo to pop out. Small things.


  1. Oh how fun! It reminds me of our July 4th picnics.

  2. Looks like such a fab time out, I especially love your photo booth photo - how cute!