March 2, 2011

It would be remiss of me not to post Ellie's Ballerina High Tea. Oh my, the pink! In all shades from fairy floss to hot pink (and of course it's derivative purple), the cult of pink was very apparent. I have tried so very hard to avoid the influx of this hue into our lives, but I admit defeat.

It is indeed innate, this desire and love of all things rosy. My resistance has been to no avail and after all the red and green and navy and yellow, what I have is a 3 year old who loves pink.

I have a sense that the princess phenomena is on it's way but for now my girl lovingly puts her bubbas to bed and will potter endlessly within the walls of her sweet doll's house.

Can I bottle this sweet phase and release it when I have a cranky hormonal teenage girl?


  1. what a sweet birthday party:)How funny that youve tried so hard to stay away from pink yet it seems to be missys favourite at the moment. Must be one of those things that nature versus nurture. I guess you were just destined to have a little pink loving girl! Im not a big fan of pink myself but Missys party looks very tastefully done and it looks like she loved it all

  2. What a fab birthday tea! Wish I was there too!! My daughter also loved the pink, as you know I am anything but a girlie Karen has said this is nature showing through!Enjoy your time... the hormones have certainly kicked in big time with are having a good few years of fun before it all goes to the hormonal stage!!