February 14, 2011

From little things big things grow

March 2008

February 2011

I always knew that this babe of mine would be born on Valentines Day. A Valentine cynic, I had bah-humbugged this day since I was a girl. Now our day is consumed with her celebrations and there is little time to think about ourselves and what this day might mean if we didn't have a child born today.

For our first Valentines, Tools posted me an enormous banner with the words "Joy of my Joyfulness". I have it stashed in a box somewhere in our roof. I sometimes think I should dig it out, along with all those other mementos tucked away and long forgotten. However, I don't need to look far to evoke that memory.

This girl is the joy of our joyfulness. She is kind and thinks of others before herself. She is generous and loyal. Confident and yet very shy. Missy wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. She is a best friend to her brother, the Lola to his Charlie and we often think how lucky he is to have a pal like her. She is the greatest companion to her peers and her elders.

Her chatter and inquisitiveness exhaust me but I will never yearn for quiet. Her day runs at high speed, always engrossed in whatever has captured her imagination. She paints and draws and loves to listen to music. And, when she is satisfied that she has squeezed every drop of goodness from the day, when she finally allows herself to be still, our Missy drops off exhausted to recharge her senses for what will come the next day.

Happy Birthday my Ellie Mooch. May this year be full of happiness and love and laughter and cuddles.

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  1. some lovely thoughts on your baby!! Mine too has grown and as her 14th birthday comes up I look at those changes to...especially as she now is choosing her options at school!! May she continue to be that loving supportive girl who will never let her big brother down!