February 2, 2011

Today was much harder than I expected. It was very emotional and I was quite shocked by that feeling of letting go. It hurt.

My guy was so prepared. He was calm but excited and, like thousands of 5 year olds, had been counting down the days for about a week. Mama on the other hand was not so ready for the wave of emotion that overcome her. I have been cool all week, not really thinking about what was to come, focussing on my first day back at work. I had payed little attention to the significance of that moment.

Today really marked the end of an era and a change to our days. And I felt it. I will only be privy to such a small part of his life, much of it going on inside the gates of his new school. I will miss the times where the adventures would unravel as the day progressed. I am so proud of the little boy who walked confidently and proudly into his new classroom. Who waved goodbye with such little ceremony.

There were so many best bits about the Roosters day but for me the best bit was collecting him, feeling that little hand slip so neatly into mine and of hearing all the tales of this very first day.

1 comment:

  1. My best bit of the day was picking my little guy up too.

    I know your pain. I think I've just been hiding it!

    But Monique - to your utter credit, he looks SO happy and proud. Beautiful little boy. He will always be your beautiful little boy. BIG LOVE xxx