February 10, 2011

My girl is missing her brother and often asks how long until it is until we pick him up from school. She needed a new project, something to keep her busy in the time when he is gone. Missy can't stand being idle. She is always on the go; exploring, investigating, discovering with an endless narration in place.

Her new flower garden is her pride. She took the Rooster and Tools out and explained carefully the process she would take to water her new plants. Moving the stool to help her reach the higher shelves and filling her watering can from the bucket nearby. She finds the smell of mint intoxicating and loves to throw her face in its big green leaves and inhale deeply. She was mindful of the order of her flowers, choosing carefully where each bloom would go. She has adopted the larger plants in pots as her responsibility too, knowing full well that I am too busy to water them with any sort of frequency.

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