January 1, 2012

First day of 2012


Our gorgeous intelligent boy. You are self assured in so many situations, a risk taker ready to dive into whatever presents itself. You love to read read read and you will often be distracted by a book when you are supposed to be doing other things like getting dressed, packing up or going to sleep! We often find you, book across your face when we creep in to kiss you good night. You are hungry for knowledge and absorb everything around you. You are sensitive and thoughtful and you are working on taking initiative rather than waiting to be told to do. You have an amazing memory and will recall the tiniest details. You have a best friend in your sister and she has unleashed your creative energy. It's difficult to get a decent photo of you these days as you are intent on pulling silly faces. You want to be an engineer when you grow up, this month an aeronautical engineer. Happy new year my boy.

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