January 4, 2012

Saying goodbye




The last two days, there has been lots of intense, uninterrupted play for these three. Swimming in a new pool, playing with toy sets that haven't been out for year. It is as though they are saturating their memories with their little playmate. There have been many quarrels as each of my children felt a little left out and overly emotional. They are feeling the loss of their friend.

When they saw him boarding his Granny's motor-home, the following conversation took place.

The Rooster: I didn't know that you could drive to Melbourne.
Mum: Yes, you can but its a long drive. We might drive down with our own camper van to visit.
The Rooster: But you can fly, can't you? We will fly, won't we (demand not a question here).

I think the only good thing coming out of losing his best friend is the opportunity to fly (and only fly!) down to see him.

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  1. I love the photos Monique. Ollie keeps asking when Luca is coming to visit!