July 1, 2009

Something I made for a little person

Many things have been made for little people at our place of late. The Rooster has gone all superhero mad and was talking on and on about a cape. It was just the sort of motivation I needed to get that new sewing machine out of the box. We chose the fabric together, did some measurements and tucked him into bed on the promise that it would be waiting for him when he woke up. I like a deadline. Without a deadline there is room for procrastination.

I couldn't face a disappointed Rooster at 5 in the morning.
The Rooster can't see the crooked seams or the mismatched edges. He thinks it's pretty ace.

This next little person something was created long before there was a little person. In my early twenties I was into cross-stitching. I have pillowcases full of unfinished work. I think that this may have been my first project. I must have known that one day I would have a little girl.
I had completely forgotten about it until I stumbled upon in the big, decluttering, clean out.

My last little something is a just a little too big something. We found this wardrobe on the side of the road just after I had a conversation with Tools suggesting that we might need one in Missy's new room.
I have spent four days painting this wardrobe, only finishing it up tonight.

We have just one teeny, tiny problem. We can't get it up the stairs.
You would think we would have worked this out before we striped and sanded and painted.
Many thanks to Mary-Jane for this weeks theme. You should see what she made for a little person. And of course to our hostess Miss bugandpop.


  1. NO NO NO! You're just going to have to widen the stairs. Or swap the kitchen with Missy's new room. Or evolve it into a second bathroom. Or something.

  2. What a brilliant wardrobe!!! The mountains are filled with such amazing treasures, I wish they were gifted to the side of the road more often ;)
    (Not that I live there any more to reap the rewards, but I'd be glad if you could). I love the way you've painted it.
    Sorry to hear the stairs aren't co-operating though.

    Monique, thanks so much for your kind comment this week. It really gave me some warmth in a chilly time, so so nice. Thank-you!!!!

  3. Wow you have been busy busy busy. Love it all. I will look out for you and your super heroes tomorrow morning and maybe I can pick your brains about painting furniture as you look like a bit of an expert and I am clueless.

    And have you got it up the stairs yet? What are you going to do?

  4. What a great cape! Has the Rooster taken it off yet? I'll bet he hasn't. The cross stitch piece you did is lovely, and it will look wonderful in Missy's room with the wardrobe. I have faith you will figure out how to get it up the stairs, eventually.

  5. That cape is fabulous and the smile on his face priceless! I really hope you find a way of getting that cupboard up the stairs!