July 27, 2009

My little Beauty

On the surface, this weeks Eye Spy theme dreamed up by Stacey over at Sheep's Clothing appears dead easy. There are so many things that are truly beautiful. But where to begin? I started to list and then stalled and in the end I took the easy and most obvious route.

Missy is a natural water baby. Having an older brother has meant that she has spent almost every Monday of her little life paddling after him. Today, it was her turn for a swimming lesson and the Rooster had his chance to cheer his sister from the sidelines.
Have I mentioned that my daughter is strong willed? It's scary. I'm not sure exactly where her tenacity hails from. She was amiable to the idea of lessons but when it came time to be left on the side of the pool she was not happy. And the whole pool knew about it. Today I was that mother. With the disagreeable child.
However, her beautiful nature soon overtook her separation anxiety. After being peeled away from me she was given a duck to keep her amused and divert her attention. In no time at all, she had her little plastic duck huddled to her chest as she patted and rocked. It's OK ducky, it's OK, she soothed her new ally.

She calmed herself right down focusing her attention on nurturing this little duck that needed a mother. And when she got into the water and started to swimming? She took to it just like a duck to water!

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  1. awww, that IS a beautiful story! How sweet. :)

    So glad she eventually managed to have fun.

  2. Oooh you have inspired me - I think it maybe time to revisit swimming lessons with my Boo. She didnt like it the first time around but that was a long time ago. Ooooh but I keep thinking it is way too cold to put a swimsuit on - Im such a wimp huh

  3. Very sweet. My little miss has just been taken out of lessons as she was being too oppositional. Such is life at 2.5 years old. We'll put her back in when this storm has passed. I'm glad your beauty enjoyed her lesson in the end!

  4. She is a beauty indeed, those eyes are gorgeous. Hope she is still loving splashing around.