August 2, 2009


We have a little boy around here who is turning four. But 18 sleeps is a long time for someone with the patience of a fly and no concept of time.
So we sat down and wrote down all the days until his birthday.
He cleverly wrote all the numbers by himself, closing his eyes each time to visualise before confidently scribing.
All the pages were put together to make his Birthday Countdown Book.

Each night, when he gets into bed, we rip out and "throw out the window" the day that has just been, until we get to his new favourite...
The number 18.


  1. Sleep well little man not long till 4 - but try not to grow up too fast.

  2. aww, not long now, how exciting:)

  3. I've rarely seen him so excited

  4. LOVE THIS! Counting with you mate!
    Birthdays are ace :))