August 16, 2009

The party is over

Count them.1…2…3…4
It’s what I’m turning, that’s for sure
Mum and Dad tell me it’s what I’ll be
And I’m well over being three
August 16 come around 1

Join us for music, cake and fun

We’ll cook some snags, salad too

At Glenbrook Park, no presents, just you

Here’s Mum’s email address to drop her a line

RSVP by the 12th would suit her just fine

I was right. It is all about the cake. Tucking our tired little birthday boy into bed tonight I asked him what was the best part about his party and he said the cake. He loves it when people sing happy birthday to him and he gets to blow out the candles. Such a simple 4 year old pleasure.

So too is brooming cars in the mud. Not that there was any mud about on this unseasonably hot August day. Just a very big water container and lots of toing and froing with plastic cups. Wet, muddy happy boys. Is there any other way they should be?
My kids love the party treat bag. I on the other hand, usually don't. My children don't cope with sugar well (a bit like skinny girls getting tipsy on one glass of wine) and go pretty feral on just the smallest amount of sugar. With that in mind I sent this little stash home. (I must credit my friend Bec, who doesn't have a blog but should because she is making the best smocks as we speak, who made nearly 4 kilos of green play dough to add to our treasure bags)
Borrowed from Bec over at Red Chocolate, they are filled with crafty bits and pieces to create an alien monster. I can't resist a little competition, so instructions were given to make and then forward photos of their creation so that the Rooster could pick his favourite. The ultimate long distance party game.
Not sure what I was doing all day but I came home with only 4 photos on my camera, all of which have been posted here. The last, our family shot, taken for prosperity.

I can't believe that the Rooster is 4. This time 4 years ago my labour had just started but it took 2 more days for him to come out and meet us. He's still a shy guy, unsure about new situations and always a little apprehensive to enter into them. But once he gets going he is unstoppable. A ball of energy with the softest and sweetest heart. As he lay in bed utterly exhausted, he thanked me from the bottom of his heart for his lovely party and all his friends who came. And you know what Mum, he said, it's not even my birthday yet!


  1. It looks like a fantastic day. The fact that you only got four pictures proves it - You were having too much fun!

  2. what a happy day, and a fantastic goodie bag!

  3. Wow - it looks like Luca had a fantastic day on Sunday! and so many kids at the party! What fun for him. Just in case we do not get in touch with you tonight to wish Luca a Happy Birtday, let him know we are thinking of him today!! I just can't believe it's already been 4 where the time goes?

  4. Looks like a lot of fun, and the weather was just right! What a sweet little boy you have been blessed with. Happy Bday Rooster!