August 25, 2009

Red (and something to try)

I am ridiculously late in posting this Eye-spy Sunday. What, with a party, a birthday, a trip into the city, 3 days of work, two other 4 year old birthday parties (I tell you my social life is a whirlwind!), a 20 year school reunion....there didn't seem to be a smidge of time to breathe, let alone blog.
But I really wanted to post this one. A few months ago I dropped into Mathilda's markets to visit a special somebody over at bugandpop. She had blogged about this gorgeous cape and when I clapped eyes on it, I knew it was just the cape to match this one.

There is something very special about a little girl walking around in a little red cape. She wears it almost daily and the comments we receive as we wander down the street are just amazing.

My friend has a twenty-something son who recently applied for a job in children's television. His CV stated that he is waiting patiently for the day when capes will make a comeback.

Missy is not waiting for any comebacks. She and the Rooster think their capes are the bomb. Just today, the Rooster was marvelling at how his cape was blowing in the wind, just like a real superhero.

The joy.

Imagine if we all threw caution to the wind and donned our capes. I think that I'd like to try that just for a day. It could transport me back to simpler times when a cape and a heartbeat was all I needed for a great adventure.

More punctual posts here. Thanks to Ellieboo and Kimono Reincarnate for their great themes. Quite by accident, I have managed to combine the themes. That would make me almost on time.


  1. What a cute cape! I remember my son having one that came with Superman pj's and always wearing it around! And then he graduated to the dracula cape I made him for a Halloween costume - that cape was used for lots of pretend stuff by every neighborhood kid! (and I still have it!) Hurray for capes!

  2. That Cindy is a pretty clever lady! Missy looks SO cute.

  3. yes, capes should deffinately make a come back! missys cape is so cool:)
    i love the guinipig pics in the last post. i used to have a guinipig with a permanent sticking up mo-hawk of fur (no matter how many times i wet i and brushed it down with a barbie brush!)

  4. Of course I have been reading, just not as much time to comment - bloody annoying life! I think that most of the compliments are probably due to how gorgeous Missy is! I am so glad she loves it, princess worhty indeed.

  5. eeeeeek, it's adorable. And how cool is it that she wears it daily!!!!?

    I've been telling Mr You I'm wearing a cape to our wedding :D
    p.s. thanks too for your nice comment about our invites!

  6. She looks cape-a-licious - my Ellie has torn the pocket on her BugandPop pants and they are in my to be fixed pile - you have reminded me I need to get on and do that