August 14, 2009

Blast off

The Rooster has been tearing the numbers off his countdown book one day at a time. While patiently waiting for number 18 to arrive, he has been browsing our very old birthday cake book for inspiration for his cake. He was teetering between a racing car, a dump truck or a race track number 8, until he spotted this book at the library. I have no idea how he knew it was a birthday cake book, but he snatched it off the shelf and found exactly what he was looking for.

Each morning our Rooster makes a rocket with his Lego while he waits for the morning to arrive. This cake was right in his universe. It was the one he was waiting to discover.
He knew something special was waiting for him downstairs this morning. He snuck down and found his Rocket ready for take off.
We like to recycle our cakes and get a few uses for our cake making efforts. The cupcakes, 30 moon and stars, were for preschool with instructions that the rocket could not be cut. The rocket will make its maiden voyage on Sunday at the Rooster's party.

Reading the introduction to our latest cake book, it talks of children not remembering what they were given for each birthday or who came to the party, but the cake. It seems that the highlight is the cake. I can remember many of the efforts of my mother from that very first train covered WW birthday cake book. I wonder which cakes will hold fast in the Rooster's memory?

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  1. Great cake!

    We had the WW cake book too. I remember my fave was the basket with the marshmallow flowers. Lucky for mum it wasn't a trickier favourite!