August 5, 2009

A collection

I am almost too embarrassed to reveal this collection. I have a vague idea how it all began. I was about 8 and a family friend brought a Mickey Mouse spoon back from Disneyland. Cue the floodgates and look what happened! My mother recently dispatched these from her house. At first I thought I would sell them on ebay. Ehhh....too hard.

Then a friend suggested bringing them out, a few at a time, for everyday use. The kids love it, often asking for a particular spoon to eat their breakfast. I can quite easily say, that there would be enough spoons to use a different one, each day, to stir my coffee for the next two years.

Far cooler collections over here. Great theme Hoppobumpo!


  1. There is a dag lurking inside all of us! I think you have a neat collection!

  2. That is great. I love that you are letting the kids use them. It will make the collection all that more special when it is theirs.

  3. i love it, I think getting them out for use is the best idea. The kids can have ever evolving favourites.