August 17, 2009

Bunny Pigs

It seems our Missy is born to love all creatures great and small. I suspect she will be the little girl bringing home the strays and imploring us to keep it.

Today she came face to face with this little creature. Having discovered rabbits a few weeks back, she immediately thought she had met another.

"Bunny Mama".
No. A guinea pig.
Ahh...."Bunny pig"
There was no convincing her. And so the bunny pig was born

Our little friend, a true Bindi Irwin and wildlife warrior in the making, had Missy entranced.
Already she loves the bigger girls couldn't help but mimic all the actions of her older friend.

How she would have loved to have taken this critter home and patted him to sleep, all the while singing, nina nana, till his little eyes shut.


  1. Our 2 are still loving their bunny pigs too. They are quite sweet little things and the little chirps they let out are so cute.

  2. So funny. Our son calls them "Bunny Pigs" as well. I googled bunny pig for a laugh and found your post.