October 11, 2009

I love our front door. I love that it has a rapper rather than a door bell. It is almost always draped in a few cobwebs and even though our house is a "shoes on" kind of home, it almost always has a collection of boots beside it. It's a quiet door that doesn't creak or squeak or get stuck as you close it, meaning that it can be closed noiselessly. Very important when transferring sleeping children into the house late at night.
I love how it opens into our ridiculously large entry. The previous owners were generous with their proportions when they renovated and our entry is bigger than our bathroom. As such we treat it like a room. It is one of my favourite corners in our home. We have filled this space with a collection of treasures, each one with a story of it's own.

There's our telephone table, once teak with an orange vinyl seat cover, rescued from a council cleanup in the inner west about 7 years ago.
Sitting above it is this sweet set of shelves that my father built for my nursery. I am almost too scared to say that they are nearly 40 years old. I guess they could be classified as vintage. They have moved with me from room to room and house to house. They are the perfect fit for this little wall and house all my special pieces that I have accumulated in my travels.
A mirror from Balmain markets from uni days sits above an old washstand. That's a goldfish bowl marking space 'till just the right bowl and jug finds its way to me. Orchids from my garden and my African water bearer, one of the best surprise birthday gifts my mother ever bought me.

Another two-for-one Eyespy Sunday here at glass halfful. Life has been pretty full on, so much so that there seems to be too much to blog and so little time to do it. Thanks to Cindy and Karin for the themes. More doors and favourite places over there.


  1. What a lovely home! I love your knick knack shelf!

  2. It's so nice that you have sentimental stories for all your treasures.

  3. Oh goodness you make my rather sad front door seem so dreary- well it is pretty dreary I suppose. Love the vintage shelves - as someone has just gone past the big 40 - I understand. You know things only get better with age well except those darn wrinkles (mine not yours)

  4. What a gorgeous large entry. I can imagine you love that. And you decorated it lovely with all those treasures.

  5. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....