October 18, 2009

Pirates and Scoundrels

My two fight. I am utterly exhausted by their bickering, particularly when we get in the car. They screech and scream at each other like a pair of banshees. Missy is not asleep in this shot. She is pretending. Its her new weapon in the fight against her brother. He wanted the car. She had it. So she closed her eyes, hand protecting the prize in her side pocket, and zoned him out. He had no comeback to this very simple manipulation.

If only he could summon his inner pirate and swindle her with his treacherous ways. Maybe then they would be on an even playing field.


  1. It must be difficult to drive with the little ones screaming in the back, and to concentrate. Love the pirate picture, it's great! Is that going to be part of a Halloween costume this year? Or just dress-up for fun?

  2. Thats hilarious.

    I was at the park the other day and there were two brothers about 3yrs and 18 months playing so lovely together and I thought it must be so much easier with two because they occupy each other and you can sit down with a nice cup of tea. I awoke very quickly from this daydream as the two started bashing each other violently with mum trying to tear them apart - geez I have some seriously deluded thoughts sometimes and have I reverted back to my original thoughts that you must be a complete lunatic to go back and do this a second time :)

  3. So funny! (But fighting in the car. Very not funny. I hate it when my kids do that too!)

    My Jems is just learning the art of pressing Caleb's buttons. She is quite good at it. Poor Caleb.

  4. My two have recently begun tormenting each other. I don't mind the bickering so much, but the purposeful acts of nastiness intended just to hurt or upset the other one really bother me.

    Love that pirate. My son was a pirate for Halloween two years ago...