October 25, 2009

Rainy Sunday

My girlfriends joke that we should have a trophy made up to be awarded at our monthly dinners for Mother of the Year. A ferry ride in the rain to the city might get me a nod. So too might this ridiculously rich chocolaty afternoon tea that we had here (yes, those are my children's fingers poking into the melted chocolate). But I think what really won the award today was the spew that we stood next as we fooled around taking these pictures while we waited for Tools to pick us up.

I can hear Missy coughing upstairs right now. Do you think falling asleep in the pram as it rained on her head would cause her to catch a cold? It couldn't happen that fast, could it?


  1. I hope Missy hasn't caught anything! The rain aside, it looks like you guys had a great day. Especially the tea. Mmm, the looks amazing.

  2. That chocolate thing looks really scrummy.

    Well done for getting out in the rain and enjoying your Sunday to the fullest! I hope Missy is OK. I wouldn't think it would be getting out in the rain that would give her a cold.

  3. looks like i nice trip. id love to stand on a ferry and drift for a while, how dreamy:)
    about missys cough, mum always told me you get sick from being cooped up inside (rather than from being out in the cold) no idea if its true or not but it made life more adventurous and fun. hope shes well. thanks for your kind words at my blog. much needed and much appreciated xo definately a shame your not close by to bring your kids for daycare. if only the blog world was a bit smaller