July 27, 2009

My little Beauty

On the surface, this weeks Eye Spy theme dreamed up by Stacey over at Sheep's Clothing appears dead easy. There are so many things that are truly beautiful. But where to begin? I started to list and then stalled and in the end I took the easy and most obvious route.

Missy is a natural water baby. Having an older brother has meant that she has spent almost every Monday of her little life paddling after him. Today, it was her turn for a swimming lesson and the Rooster had his chance to cheer his sister from the sidelines.
Have I mentioned that my daughter is strong willed? It's scary. I'm not sure exactly where her tenacity hails from. She was amiable to the idea of lessons but when it came time to be left on the side of the pool she was not happy. And the whole pool knew about it. Today I was that mother. With the disagreeable child.
However, her beautiful nature soon overtook her separation anxiety. After being peeled away from me she was given a duck to keep her amused and divert her attention. In no time at all, she had her little plastic duck huddled to her chest as she patted and rocked. It's OK ducky, it's OK, she soothed her new ally.

She calmed herself right down focusing her attention on nurturing this little duck that needed a mother. And when she got into the water and started to swimming? She took to it just like a duck to water!

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July 22, 2009

Just like Christmastime

Its amazing just how quickly the impression that snow and winter equals Christmas. As we drove through the snow gums climbing higher and higher towards the snowfields, the Rooster would catch glimpses of snow and call out "It's just like Christmastime!" He is right, but it is not like any Christmastime he has experienced. How did that stereotype sink into his little 4 year old subconscious, particularly when we were still reading (and singing!) Rusty Holden Ute until Easter?

After two days at the snow I have to be thankful for living in climates where a hat and scarf and a jacket will suffice as winter warmth. Our first day at Perisher was met with temperatures around zero and a wind blowing that was fierce enough to literally take Missy's breathe away and turn her the colour of her little snowsuit. She was not a happy snow bunny and this first impression was to be her last. She was not impressed with the snow. She would not wear her gloves and as you can imagine her little hands got very, very cold.

The afternoon proved to be much kinder. The winds calmed down and we were able to find a sheltered spot for a bit of wintry fun.
There were snowmen to be built (seriously, our attempt was too pitiful to insult it with a photo) and snowballs to be hurled.

Snow to be eaten and a spot of sitting around watching the winter world pass us by.

And of course the adventures of a boy and his dump truck continued. Sandpit, playground, beach, skate park, there is no terrain that a boy and his truck cannot conquer.

The Rooster is a funny kind of little chicken. He is so fearful of some situations and yet, has absolutely no fear when it comes to pursuits involving adrenalin. I knew he would love the rush of tobogganing and that it would only take a few runs down before he was ready to hit the slopes on his own.

He thinks he is ready to don skis and get pulled up the snow on that thing between your legs so that he can come down really, really fast. I think that may have been before he face planted the snow at very high speeds. Mummy, I only like to go down slow now. I can only hope that this vow holds true until his teenage years are over.

July 13, 2009


In the late 70's and 80's when my parents were probably my age they used to have these great parties almost every weekend. Saying that, they probably weren't parties as such but just friends over for a meal. There would be a few families and everyone in those days had 3 or 4 children so it was always great fun for us kids.

I remember playing spot light, dashing and flashing about in our backyard. Hiding behind the trees and under the house long into the night.

Drop over to Cindy's to take a trip down memory lane and thanks to Kristie for our favourite party game theme.

July 6, 2009

Old school twittering

Sometimes you look out the window at just the right time.

A little Eastern Yellow Robin flittering between a branch and the ground cover. Flit, drop, flit drop until Bingo! He pulled out a worm. The Rooster was delighted.
An Eastern Spine bill foraging on the lower shrubs, sticking it's long beak into the winter natives. "Birdy! Birdy!" Missy called out as we peeped through the window.

And a pair of Crimson Rosellas balancing on a frail Grevilla branch. Pulling and twisting until Pop! the flower came loose and the two birds shared its sweet nectar.

The Rooster closed his eyes to remember what he saw. "Got it Mummy",and came up with this little drawing.
Missy's version of the same event. The Rooster thinks she just drew the feathers and forgot the birds.

Images from here and here. (I could've grabbed the camera but without a doubt, the noise of the door opening would've scared our friends off).

July 1, 2009

Something I made for a little person

Many things have been made for little people at our place of late. The Rooster has gone all superhero mad and was talking on and on about a cape. It was just the sort of motivation I needed to get that new sewing machine out of the box. We chose the fabric together, did some measurements and tucked him into bed on the promise that it would be waiting for him when he woke up. I like a deadline. Without a deadline there is room for procrastination.

I couldn't face a disappointed Rooster at 5 in the morning.
The Rooster can't see the crooked seams or the mismatched edges. He thinks it's pretty ace.

This next little person something was created long before there was a little person. In my early twenties I was into cross-stitching. I have pillowcases full of unfinished work. I think that this may have been my first project. I must have known that one day I would have a little girl.
I had completely forgotten about it until I stumbled upon in the big, decluttering, clean out.

My last little something is a just a little too big something. We found this wardrobe on the side of the road just after I had a conversation with Tools suggesting that we might need one in Missy's new room.
I have spent four days painting this wardrobe, only finishing it up tonight.

We have just one teeny, tiny problem. We can't get it up the stairs.
You would think we would have worked this out before we striped and sanded and painted.
Many thanks to Mary-Jane for this weeks theme. You should see what she made for a little person. And of course to our hostess Miss bugandpop.