June 6, 2010


The break in the week long rain was a sure sign that we were meant to head into Vivid Sydney for a night-time adventure. Rugged up and snuggled in the pram, the littlies loved the light pictures beamed onto the historical buildings along Macquarie Street. Busy spotting butterflies and flowers, money and racing horses, they couldn't wait for the opportunity to try to touch the images. The Rooster walked with apprehension towards the Hyde Barrack wall, not sure what he was going to feel. His disappointment was most evident when the flowers disappeared behind his shadow.

Our evening walk ended at the magnificently lit up St Mary's Cathedral. The Rooster thought it looked just like a castle. We watched arrows rise and stars fall, the turrets entwined in vines and roses. The changing images mesmerised our small folk, so much so, that they completely forgot that it was time to swap seating positions in the pram (a much negotiated battled decided with a flip of a coin; Missy is always the queen and the Rooster is whatever animal is on the reverse side).

We are still eating the gelato we stopped for at Bar Italia on the way home. Enormous portions of toblerone, coffee and strawberry. Much too much to eat late at night.

I didn't even attempt to capture any images. These shots from here.


  1. toblerone gelato sounds like a fantastic flavor --what a fun night out!!! we have a bar italia in our town as well, but it's a pasta place, not a gelateria

    i just read your previous post and the fotos of your kids are adorable!! smart mommy to manage their pram seating with a coin flip!

  2. WOW! It sounds amazing! I soooo miss Sydney. I'm glad you make the effort to take advantage of its highlights. I bet the littlen's loved it!

  3. wow, that looks totaly awesome