June 29, 2010


Remember last year when I blogged about this?

Now this collection

Has become this charm bracelet

Earlier this year I was reading the Sunday paper and I glanced upon a story about the Spooning Society and the cute jewellery that Claire and Tory were creating using souvenir teaspoons.

I knew that this was the place for my collection. I shot off an email and she created this beautiful bracelet from a few of my favourites in exchange for the rest for my stash.

I sent a spoon from Hawaii that just happened to have a matching partner in their collection. The girls couldn't help but add these to my package.
Check out their shop full of their quirky fun creations. Clever, clever idea.


  1. love it- you know how at workplaces teaspoons never stay in the tea room- for some reason someone has brought in their collection of souvenir spoons and they stay in the drawer- it's great!

  2. What this is terrific Monique, I love it what a super cool idea!!

  3. What a great idea! And they've made a beautiful bracelet for you... clever, clever :)

  4. I love this idea!! Fantastic!!