June 2, 2010

Golden Days

For too many weeks I have been ravaged by sinus and a raging headache. I would soldier through our morning activities and arrive home exhausted only wanting to crash out and let sleep come. The littlies would bicker around me, unstimulated by a mother who could do little more than lie on the lounge and cope with what was unravelling around her.

But today was golden. My fog has lifted, the dull ache on the left side of my head has gone. Mummy has returned and we didn't waste a minute lolling about. Cakes baked and play dates. Mixing paint colours in the sunshine, sitting on the floor with the Lego, cooking dinner before rushing out to soccer practice.

We had one of those days when you feel you can go on doing this gig forever. It made me think how little time we have left, just the three of us. Next year will be just me and my girl. We will strike a different rhythm I suspect, our movements dictated by school drop offs and pick ups and completely different interests altogether. My days lying on the floor feigning interest in brooming cars are numbered. But until then I wish for more golden days like today when I feel worthy of these children who have been gifted to me.


  1. im glad that your feeling better, sounds like youve had a wonderful day with your kids:)

  2. Hey Monique - sounds like a great day with the littlees. Sadly the only constant in life is that everything changes - cherish the special moments

  3. Enjoy them whilst you still can!! All too soon they grow up and become soooooo independent that you are not needed in a certain ways... but you WILL always be needed for their cries of help!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Mon, sorry to take pleasure from your misery, but it's good to know that other mums have those 'lie on the couch, can't move' moments with kids begging you to play. Your re-energisation is inspiring and gives me fodder for enjoying my own brood. Thanks! xxx