June 29, 2010


Remember last year when I blogged about this?

Now this collection

Has become this charm bracelet

Earlier this year I was reading the Sunday paper and I glanced upon a story about the Spooning Society and the cute jewellery that Claire and Tory were creating using souvenir teaspoons.

I knew that this was the place for my collection. I shot off an email and she created this beautiful bracelet from a few of my favourites in exchange for the rest for my stash.

I sent a spoon from Hawaii that just happened to have a matching partner in their collection. The girls couldn't help but add these to my package.
Check out their shop full of their quirky fun creations. Clever, clever idea.

June 23, 2010

String of hearts

A string of hearts made by Beck over at dandelion. In between the bunny making, op-shopping, crafting and full to the brim family life, Beck somehow found time to put this package together for me to celebrate her birthday.

We may plant some of her biodynamic garlic in our vege patch, a little bit of Daylesford transported to the Blue Mountains.

June 6, 2010


The break in the week long rain was a sure sign that we were meant to head into Vivid Sydney for a night-time adventure. Rugged up and snuggled in the pram, the littlies loved the light pictures beamed onto the historical buildings along Macquarie Street. Busy spotting butterflies and flowers, money and racing horses, they couldn't wait for the opportunity to try to touch the images. The Rooster walked with apprehension towards the Hyde Barrack wall, not sure what he was going to feel. His disappointment was most evident when the flowers disappeared behind his shadow.

Our evening walk ended at the magnificently lit up St Mary's Cathedral. The Rooster thought it looked just like a castle. We watched arrows rise and stars fall, the turrets entwined in vines and roses. The changing images mesmerised our small folk, so much so, that they completely forgot that it was time to swap seating positions in the pram (a much negotiated battled decided with a flip of a coin; Missy is always the queen and the Rooster is whatever animal is on the reverse side).

We are still eating the gelato we stopped for at Bar Italia on the way home. Enormous portions of toblerone, coffee and strawberry. Much too much to eat late at night.

I didn't even attempt to capture any images. These shots from here.

June 2, 2010

Golden Days

For too many weeks I have been ravaged by sinus and a raging headache. I would soldier through our morning activities and arrive home exhausted only wanting to crash out and let sleep come. The littlies would bicker around me, unstimulated by a mother who could do little more than lie on the lounge and cope with what was unravelling around her.

But today was golden. My fog has lifted, the dull ache on the left side of my head has gone. Mummy has returned and we didn't waste a minute lolling about. Cakes baked and play dates. Mixing paint colours in the sunshine, sitting on the floor with the Lego, cooking dinner before rushing out to soccer practice.

We had one of those days when you feel you can go on doing this gig forever. It made me think how little time we have left, just the three of us. Next year will be just me and my girl. We will strike a different rhythm I suspect, our movements dictated by school drop offs and pick ups and completely different interests altogether. My days lying on the floor feigning interest in brooming cars are numbered. But until then I wish for more golden days like today when I feel worthy of these children who have been gifted to me.