November 15, 2008

A Day in My Life

For the last few months Little Jenny Wren has been hosting A Day in My Life. Very simply, its a log of the small, mundane but often interesting things that can happen in an "ordinary" day in our lives. It happens on the 14th of the month, so over time, it should occur on a different day giving picture of the week. So ,without further ado, I give you A day in My Life for 14th of November.

5.20 A wake up call from Missy. A little unfair as she had only gone back to bed at 3. A quick feed and with the insistence from my husband, back to her bed in the hope that she would go back to sleep. Hooray she did (a minor miracle as she has NEVER done that before)!

5.40 Eyes closed and almost asleep when little footsteps sound at the door. Its the Rooster up far too early. After almost an hour of fidgeting we finally give in and Tools takes him downstairs.

6.30 Ahhh. Close eyes. A quick nap before I have to get up for work.

6.45. Phone rings. Its Missy's carer informing us that she cannot look after her today as her little boy is sick. A minor hiccup. One of us has to take the day off to look after her. We didn't realise when we decided on family daycare that, not only do we need to consider times when we are sick and our children are sick, but also when the carer and her children are sick too. I have 5 periods on today. Too much to sort out at such late notice. So Tools decides to stay with Missy.

8.20. Get into the car after getting everyone sorted for the day. Lunches made for the Rooster and I and food sorted for Missy who is staying with Tools for the first time. I know he will go marvellously well today, as well as have some precious bonding time with his daughter. Am exhausted and have barely started the day! Can I go back to bed now?

8.50 Homeroom done and a free period to have a coffee and sit and get sorted for the day. I check some emails and read through the postings in my pigeon hole.

9.50. Year 9. Frequency distribution tables. Mundane stuff. Today is the last day of a long service block I am doing for one of the teachers in my faculty. Will be glad that it is over as some of his classes are not very pleasant. It is also the last day of formal lessons for Year 10. A double after recess with 4 kids. We play some board games to while away the time.

1.30. I walk outside towards one of the demountable buildings. The heat is stifling hitting the thirties but with a great slog of humidity (a storm is brewing somewhere...). It's going to be a long afternoon with year 7 and 8!

3.10. Yeah. I made it through the day. Am most excited about getting home and seeing my kids.

3.30 Missy has had a great day with her Dad and the Rooster is hot and exhausted after his day at pre-school. I manage to convince everyone that a cool bath is in order before Nanny and Poppy arrive for babysitting duties.

7.20 Children are asleep and we leave for a rare night out together. Music in the Quad is on at my school. As we drive towards the venue the skies open up. A massive storm hits the Quad drenching everything. One of the bands leaves as their equipment is ruined. Everything very quickly gets moved into the hall but it is just not the same as being outside.

10.00 Sad but true, we come home early. Not at all surprised to see Missy up and on Poppy's lap. Give her a quick feed to settle her and crash in the hope that she will do the same thing. Not sure that she does as I can hear her as I'm dozing off. Tools assures me he will take care of it for me. He is a treasure.

Day is done. Typical? I would say fairly. Now there is just the weekend to tackle. some friends for lunch and some much needed pottering around the house.

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