November 12, 2008


When the Rooster was a newborn, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a unique Mothers Group. An annex of The Womens Room, the mothers group was a place where new mothers could meet to nurture our soulful and creative selves. Along with the sleep deprivation, feeding issues and poo talk we had time set aside to discuss the more pertinent issues such as The Myth of the Perfect Mother, Door to Motherhood, Motherguilt and Loss of Self. After our discussion we would have the opportunity to express ourselves in various art mediums. It was truly an invaluable experience and I have met some amazing women who I would now consider some of my best friends.

Three years on and the group is still running. Today's topic was sibling rivalry, ever so relevant after the birth of a new baby. After a short meditation (no easy task with children and babies moving about) focusing on a walk in a garden, our art activity was to paint the flowers we visualised using watercolours. This is what I came up with.

The Rooster had a go as well. He likes to draw cars and splats in his favourite colour green.

This was just what I needed today. I feel re-energised to begin my working week tomorrow where there is often very little time for a little head space and creativity.

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