November 5, 2008

Embrace the Morning

I am not a morning person. My husband is also not a morning person. Sod's law would suggest that in our case we would produce children who are morning people. Three years ago our son was born. We like to call him rooster. We have fought his natural tendency for 3 years. His room has ventians and blockout curtains and not a smidge of daylight enters his darkened room. Yet there is something out there that is kickstarting his brain, telling him it's the morning and time to play with his beloved cars and trains. He knows that it is not morning till "7 o'clock" (we can only fool him for so long!) and yet there he is at 5.20 on the floor of his room, brooming his cars.

He at least is sorted. He will get out of bed, and at three, can easily amuse himself with his books, toys and music. His sister is another story. Missy is 8 months old and another rooster. She wakes at 5 for her morning feed and is not content with dozing through the morning until a respectable hour is reached. She is ready and raring to go.

I have raged against the dawn for too long. It seems that it is my fate to be a morning person. So today I embraced the dawn. With children content and a husband with generous spirit intact, I went for a swim. At 6.30. The pool was empty. I didn't have to fight for lane space and I didn't have to listen to the aqua aerobics. It felt good. Really good. My children were still happy when I returned and my glow wasn't diminished.

Maybe I can be a morning person (for now anyway).

PS. I can't wait until my children are teenagers and they want to sleep in....but sshhhhsh...don't tell them that!


  1. eEmbracing the Morning' is delightful. Your generous of spirit husband. You go girl......

  2. Then you will wish they would get out of bed on their own accord.. but alas, they will refuse to acknowledge that it's daytime.

  3. I don't dig early mornings either, I hear you loud and clear!