November 18, 2008

This favourite thing in nature

Three buttons has been hosting this lovely meme over the past little while but like all good things it has ended.'s never too late and I like this one too much to let it pass me by.

This is my favourite thing in nature (at the moment). I love how it climbs along my front veranda and how its gorgeous smell hits me everytime I pass my opened front door. I especially love it's heedy smell on a warm summer night. It reminds me of the evenings as a kid where you could play outdoors till it got too dark to see any more. Our house was covered with it. And it reminds me of being in love.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous flowers! This is one of my favorite perks of reading Australian blogs, I get to look at all the best parts of your seasons while I deal with all the worst of mine. It's only fall and I'm already looking forward to spring again.