May 13, 2009

The cycle of years

My parents have an enormous liquid amber tree in their front yard. Each autumn, as the weather turns, the leaves fall and cover the grass like a carpet. As children, my grandfather would pay us 20 cents to help him pick up the leaves. A meticulous man, he would sometimes do this task twice a day.
Same job, a different papa. Still paying 20 cents to the grand kids to help pick up the leaves.

There was time for work.

And time for play.

Although the rooster found a way to do both.
He cannot believe the number of ways he has found to use his mighty dump truck.

Poppy made it an easy job to fill the bin.

But to get in that great big bin and stomp down the leaves?

Pure Magic!


  1. aw, what a beautiful post, it must be so nice watching your children and having it bring back memories of you and your grandfather:) thanks for crossing your fingers and toes for me getting pregnant, made me smile:) my fingers and toes are crossed too

  2. What a gorgeous post! I especially love the picture of Rooster with his dump truck. Something about autumn always feels magical.

  3. Its good to see how useful dump trucks are - I have bought Ellie one for her birthday - hey not everything can be pink and frilly can it!

    What a sweet and lovely post.

  4. How good are these photos!! I love them x they make me want to go out and play with the Ratbag's Tonka in the leaves too...

  5. So much fun indeed...really very cute photos..:)

  6. Hi, just to say that I made your yummy tomato relish recipe and loved it. Have posted a link on my blog to your recipe - hope that is okay!

  7. So much fun and beautiful memories...xx