May 8, 2009

Steady feet

Missy's little world has grown just a little bit larger. Up and moving on her feet, she is no longer dependent on others to get her from A to B. She loves her new freedom and charges around with a certain amount of authority. This is a girl who knows where she headed and what she will fetch when she gets there. She has quite a pace in her step which has everything to do with keeping up with her older brother and not missing out on a moment of anything.

My baby girl has so quickly morphed into a little person and knowing that this may well be my last baby, it is such a bittersweet time. I watch how her imagination is captured by her crowd of little friends, real and imaginary, and my heart sings at how she is creating a world around her self.

Ellie has little buba who she mothers like her own. She feeds her with a spoon, rocks her in her arms, pats her over her shoulder and happily pushes her around the house in her little pram. I can't quite get over how innate her nurturing instinct is towards this little dolly that she has otherwise ignored for the past 6 months. I can't wait to watch her mother her own in the years that seem so far off from now and remind her of a time when it was so simple to rock and shush a baby to sleep.

PS. Melissa, do you recognise anything familiar in this video?


  1. Oh My God.. it's like a mirror held up to our place. Except our place has less country charm, and my baby girl appears to have blond curls heppening :) She is just a delicate, beautiful girl Monique, lucky Mum you!.. Sigh :)x

  2. is there anything more gorgeous? I often look back at Ellie's first steps video in awe. Well done Missy you star

  3. Well done Ellie. Your little friend Voo VOo has also started walking, and her mummy - like yours - is both excited and very sad too, that her baby is also becoming a little girl. It all just happens too quickly!

  4. Okay, I get it - I'm getting flack for being a so called reader and not making any postings! I apologize, I will endeavour to provide comments. I look at your blog every day if that makes you feel better :)

    Anyway, yes - I recognize the cute jeans we brought over this past chrissy, and the little top as well... Ellie is so cute and I'm so excited she's finally walking! She was trying so hard at christmas!

    Tell Luca that Uncle Marty wants to know if he has tried any of the eggs from Pepper and Pickle yet. I made him sit down this past weekend and view the latest blogs...he is quite impressed with the chickens!

    Say hi to Luca and Ellie for me - I will post more... I promise.

    Happy Mother's Day Monique!


  5. she's adorable! they grow up SO fast...enjoy these simple moments!

  6. Sooooo sweet. Go Ellie! How old is she? Walking so well, wow. I love watching the bubs mothering too - so sweet. We gave Scout a dolly for her first birthday - and she loves it so much! She always points to 'bubba' and cuddles her. Love your little Ellie. Beautiful. Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

    PS - Saw the train on tv the other night. We really have to go!