May 5, 2009

An Eyespy theme

Every fortnight I take the littlies to the library. They love to make their own choices and we always spend some time reading their haul before we head home. As for me, like most mothers, my needs are secondary.

I know that beyond the counter there exists a goldmine of good reads. I even remember that there are two sections, fiction and non fiction. The luxury of browsing disappeared a long time ago. I now limit my choice to the recent returns trolley. I always grab a few in the hope that one will hit the mark. More often than not, my books are returned unread as they have failed to grab my attention.

What I need is list of really good reads and lucky for me, Cindy has asked me to choose this weeks Eye Spy Sunday theme. What are you reading now? Is anyone still reading books or is everyone blogging, face booking, you tubing and twittering? What was the last good book you read? Fiction or non fiction, a book is a book.

Drop over to Bugandpop and sign up. Cindy has one of those fancy sign up gadgets so that we can all have a squizz. Am looking forward to what you come up with. I just might get that list happening and I just might get organised and reserve a few of those good reads so that I know I am coming home a book that I just might enjoy.


  1. Do you like historical fact and biographies like me? I loved reading Mozart's Women, have just finished it recently. And also the Life and Loves of The Sun King. Highly reccommended, both of those!

  2. Oh, a great theme! Having just arrived back, I've been visiting the library and am (happily) overwhelmed by the choices so have wanted some suggestions as to what to borrow.

  3. Yes, great theme - I am looking forward to it as i am complete book slut!

  4. i have enjoyed these eye spy sunday themes that seem to pop up on some of the blogs i read and have decided to join in this week. i have to read every night even if it is 2 in the morning so this theme suits me down to the ground. to see what i am currently reading head to my other blog
    %*_*% rosey

  5. I find that a lot of times my friends tell me the good books to read. You can also go to the library and ask the librarian they are usually helpful.

    -Zane of ontario honey