May 6, 2009

Our first egg

We wandered down to the chicken coup.
A little birdie told me that there might just be something special waiting for us to discover this morning.
Something round. And hard. And warm.

Henny wondered where her egg had gone.

She needn't have worried.
It was in the safe hands of the Rooster.
He was fascinated by how it felt and the little scraps still attached.

Treasure for a patient little boy and his sister.

Who was determined not to miss one moment of this new experience.


  1. I love how the litte sister is constantly looming in the background waiting to pounce

  2. yay, how exciting is the first egg?! hope you made it into something really yummy!!

  3. Congratulations! It's very exciting getting your first egg, in fact I still get excited every time I find one!

    You have a very smart chook house too!

  4. The look on her face.. she is so beautiful! What a lucky mummy you are. Did they eat their bounty?

  5. soooo cute - I adore the last photo.