May 29, 2009

Going out for dinner

The Rooster has discovered that people go out for dinner. He has seen Mummy and Daddy go out to dinner and heard that Nanny and Poppy do the same thing. He often sees his Mama dressed up for a night out with the girls. He knows that people eat at places other than the kitchen table.

Yesterday, I picked him up from childcare and as I was putting him in the car, he asked were we going out for dinner. This was an odd question as we haven't been out for dinner with him in over a year. Before Missy we would take him out all the time. We were blessed with a child that you could take almost anywhere. Since Missy's arrival we haven't been game to head out after dark. She knows all about our coffee rituals but we are not prepared to endure a public shaming. After all there are only a handful of restaurants here in the mountains. We can't afford to be on any black lists.

After a long day at work, I actually couldn't think of anything better but decided that a family dinner date might have more of a celebratory feel if it was a Friday. The littlies got all dressed up in their best going out clobber in the hope that if they looked their best and felt really special then magic might happen.
Papa Dinos is one of our favourite mountain haunts. The littlies are kept amused by the pizza dough and rolling pin that magically appear at the table and the chefs will happy cook whatever blobs the small folk create. Besides all that, the pizzas are great. The pizzas are the main attraction of this almost hole in the wall.

So dinner was a success. We even went next door and had coffee and cake. Very civilised. The kidlets fell asleep on the way home and I still managed to catch the last half hour of Better Homes and Gardens.
Now that is a great Friday night!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that IS a good Friday night. I am looking forward to the time when ellie will sit down for more than 5 minutes so I can eat out - and pizza sounds fine and dandy to me. Totally cool that they got to make their own little dough creations too - what a wonderful little restaurant.