March 11, 2009

The Magic of time out

A magical born-free moment yesterday. A chance to put on a pretty dress and take to the town with some girls to celebrate a birthday. 6 mummies with a combined knowledge of about a 100 years. One had young adults, one had teenagers. Three of us had toddlers. We had a 7 week bub with us who was an angel and of course the birthday girl who is a few weeks off having her second. Reason enough to make hay.

We had a giggle, shared stories and chewed the fat about some serious stuff. Tea was poured from silver pots and we ate off pretty china plates. When the food arrived it looked like this.
Tiny bite-sized, mouthfuls of deliciousness.

No mess to clean up. Mouths to wipe. Children to shush. Not a babicino in sight.

Motherhood is magical but those moments when you step away and take some time out, have their own magic.


  1. I bet that middle tier didn't last long, even if there were no kids to shoo off :)

  2. What a lovely lunch, it's great you got some time to just be you and not worry about being mom for a little while. And lady friends are wonderful, spending time with them is so therapeutic.

  3. Sounds like a great day out. I know what you mean about magical moments without worrying about what the kids are up to.

    Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog by the way! It

  4. Oh, about seven different kinds of bliss right there! The everyday chaos really makes you appreciate these magic moments. Yum!