March 1, 2009

What makes me happy

Many many things.

My children. Their smiles, watching them play and grow and explore their worlds. Their warm bodies curled into mine in the early morning.

My beloved. Hearing him play with our children. Our conversations when we get each other. That I can still learn things from him after 12 years.

The simple things. A good cup of coffee. A sublimely beautiful piece of music. Trying something new and loving it. A good conversation. A great movie. A great lesson. Crisp clean sheets on a Sunday evening. A beautiful bunch of flowers. A card in the mail. Looking out and catching sight of something in the nature and knowing I was lucky to look at that exact moment.

Thanks once again to Cindy for hosting and to at Iris and Lily for choosing this weeks Happy theme.


  1. Lovely post Miss, I hope you enjoy a happy week!

  2. Happy thoughts, indeed. It's nice to stop and think on the small things, sometimes. They're often the best things.